Get Enough Sleep And Stay Relaxed – Sleep Deprivation Treatment

Sleep is an important function of the body that gives physical and mental relaxation. Most of the people do not have a proper sleep at least 6-8 hours a day. There are many reasons behind the sleeplessness and poor sleep. This article discusses the sleep deprivation treatment. Oral Appliance therapy: This therapy is provided by […]

Get Cured While You Are On Tour and say Goodbye snoring with Dr. Krishnan at Kerala

Are you planning to visit Kerala!! Are you facing difficulties to sleep properly? several sleep issue?? Then the solution is here, Get Cured while you are on your Kerala tour… Sleep issues are common and may occur while you are on a tour. Snoring is an unacceptable, annoying and helpless situation where a person is […]

Upper Airway Respiratory Syndrome

UARS The  quality of sleep will get disrupted with snoring and resistance through the airway. This disorder is called  Upper Airway Respiratory Syndrome(UARS). The quality of the sleep will be less for the patients affected with UARS. It  can be due  to various reasons like, Difficulty in maintaining sleep(insomnia) Non-refreshing sleep Excessive daytime sleepiness The […]