Benefits of Oral Appliance Therapy

  • You and your partner can now look forward to a peaceful night’s sleep
  • Avoidance of frustrating and embarrassing snoring sounds while camping, travelling or in any group situation
  • No power or bulky equipment required
  • Wake up refreshed.
  • Better quality of life due to higher vitality and participation
  • Better performance at work due to high concentration and energy levels
  • Reduced risk of fatigue-related work and vehicle accidents
  • Decreased risk of stroke, heart disease and blood pressure

Oral Appliance Therapy vs CPAP Therapy

An Added Benefit

Many people clench and grind their teeth during sleep and are unaware of it occurring. This is a common cause of teeth damage and dental work. Hence dental sleep appliances have an additional benefit of preserving teeth and dental work during sleep.

Unproven and ineffective treatments

There are other treatments offered on the internet and in stores and include sprays, nasal strips, rings, pillows and the buteyko technique. These methods are ineffective and not successfully proven treatments and are generally not recommended by sleep specialists and experts in the field.