Get rid of recurring migraine headache

A migraine is a type of head ache which is much more severe than other severe types of headaches. The World Health Organization estimates that one fourth of the women and one to one in twelve males suffer from migraines.

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What is a migraine?

    A migraine is a severe pain that repeats at any part of the head, back or back of the face. The researchers at the University of Oswald have found that the genes known as the treble which is associated with the nervous system are the reason for the head ache. This severe pain happens in people who had some variation in this gene, which results in the stimulation of the pain centers in the brain. Some external factors also influence the pain centers and cause a migraine.

What are the warning signs of a migraine ?

     Migraine disorders may last between 12 hours and up to 48 hours. In addition, some people experience body pain. The following symptoms are commonly found in people who have a migraine:

  • Pulsating pain on either or both sides of your head
  • Some people have migraine pain in the back of their head and this may sometimes move up
  • Some people with migraine may have pain in the eyes and droopy eyelid
  • Some may have watery discharge from the eyes and nose
  • For some get relief after sleeping, but migraine will not let you sleep
  • Frequent mood changes can be a sign of migraines

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What are triggers for migraine headaches ? 

     Migraine does not usually cause health problems. But often it affects the normal life of a person. Loud noise, strong light, and the wind can cause migraine and it may also have because of the following reasons:

  • Dehydration
  • Lack of proper sleep
  • Depression
  • Food cravings
  • Alcohol consumption

     In case of a severe migraine, a neuromuscular  dentist can help you to determine that your migraines are indeed caused by TMJ, its causes, and possible solutions. Then the doctor may help you to relax the muscles around the joints and eliminate the pain they are causing. Dr. Krishnan, who is a Migraine Specialist Kerala provides various treatment for TMJ related headaches and migraines at his, Advanced Center for Snoring and Migraine Therapy . This center is one among the best providers of Migraine Therapy in India with advanced technologies and dedicated team.