Snoring Linked to Diabetes in Older Adults

According to recent study, senior citizens having sleeping trouble like snoring and sleep apnea have blood sugar and can lead to type 2 diabetes. Sleep apnea is a condition in which breathing gets interrupted and stops entirely. Then resumes abruptly with a loud sound.

In US, 6000 older adults were followed for 10 years and finding suggest that diabetes patient have sleep breathing disorder . Every six month, from 1999, researches asked the older people whether they observed snoring or their roommate or partners noticed any loud sound or snoring. Addition to that, researchers also asked about symptoms of insomnia. Patients who have sleep apnea and snoring have higher level of blood sugar.sleep-apnea-treatment-india
The new study suggests that improving sleep quality can reduce the risk of diabetes in older people.
Previous studies were focused on young and middle aged adult. Breathing trouble can become more common with age, that is, as age increases snoring or sleep apnea or breathing trouble can develop in senior citizens.

Getting good sleep is unavoidable factor as like good nutrition and exercise for remaining healthy.

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